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4th & 2

Stupid play calling in the final minute of the SD vs Baltimore game. I can’t believe they called a dive (running play) on 4th down, needing 2 yards for a first, with only 41 seconds on the clock. Especially when your QB threw for almost 400 yards. Weak sauce!

2 thoughts on “4th & 2”

    • The last 2 minutes, the Chargers were driving down the field toward the Baltimore endzone. They managed the clock effectively, taking the ball down to the Baltimore 15 yard line. Rivers threw an incompletion on 3rd down and 2… meaning they were now in the Baltimore Red Zone (thats the 20 yards preceding the opposing teams end zone) with 41 seconds to go in the game, and were facing 4th down (the last down allotted without converting to a new set of downs by getting the ten yards necessary) with only 2 yards needed to convert (they had 8 of the 10 yards necessary).

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