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tsunami tsunami baloney

It seems that a massive 8.0+ earthquake has occurred in Somoa and scientist believe a Tsunami may result. More later… if we don’t get wiped off the face of the planet by a rogue wave. Under normal conditions, the South shore of Maui is pretty safe. We have two islands protecting us from deep ocean wave patterns. Kahoolawe and Lanai are positioned in such a way as to keep waves from either the far west or far south from hitting south Maui (Kihei, where I live, specifically). The news that an earthquake with its epicenter in American Somoa may have caused a Tsunami is troubling. See, the position of American Somoa is so perfect, that any wave generated is a straight shot through the gap between the two islands that normally protect us. Should be an interesting afternoon. The estimated arrival time for a tsunami from American Somoa to Maui is approximately 1 pm HST. Here is a CNN news update.

National Weather Service Forecast Office – Honolulu, Hawai`i.

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