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no effing way

So I was watching “he’s just not into you,” which is a movie that was is based on a book that millions of desperate, delusional, or simply downright psychotic women bought because they believed it would enlighten them. I bet every single one of them is still single. Ask me why.

4 thoughts on “no effing way”

    • Because any person who looks to a book for advice for anything… and I mean ANYTHING, has a whole lot more wrong with them than a book could possibly help them with… looking for relationship advice from a book though is akin to asking a piece of plywood which football games to bet on…

  1. This is the book that tells women that if he doesn’t call you back, or whatever else, he’s just not that into you so move on… right?
    But, yea, I think you are right. Women need to look at their own situation and use common sense. That can’t be the right answer every time.

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