Inherently Different

celebrity bashing

Over the last few months I’ve noticed a trend that’s really shameful. The desire to see people of varying degrees of fame fall from grace. Tiger Woods and Mel Gibson are just two examples of an almost vicious glee people adopt when talking about the twists and turns of their lives. I’m all for making fun of people, but I’m not a hater. The fact that people seem to get a great deal of satisfaction from the downfall of these two men showcases how absolutely horrible people are deep down.

Do I condone cheating? No. Do I condone verbally abusing people? No. But I don’t condone how people seem to get bashing boners from the misery these men are in today. You can dislike someone, and hell… you don’t even need a reason. But the malicious joy some people get from talking about it just validates my complete disdain for people.