Inherently Different

son set

haleakala @ sunrise
The sun also rises in Hawaii. Here from Haleakala, you can see it making an appearance through the clouds.

The older I get, the harder it is for me to deal with certain things. It is hard for me to deal with unadulterated ignorance. It is hard for me to deal with vindictiveness. And it is hard for me to deal with people who act like they are 7 years old.

My father oftentimes says things that he should know better than to say to people. He thinks things out loud that should remain either private or not said at all. He blames these lapses in judgment on age, anethesia (thats a new thing), or simply ignorance.

My belief is that by the time you hit 70, you should be a lot more enlightened. Unfortunately, most people live a lifetime and never figure things out.