Inherently Different

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Nobody’s Listening

I used to dig into the news every day when I woke up. Whether it was pouring over the newspaper with a cup of coffee, or perusing the news sites on the web with a cup of coffee, I always kept on top of the latest local, national, sports, and political news. On occasion I would read entertainment news as it related to when a movie was being released or what books were being optioned by the studios.

At some point though, the news outlets began to put more value on sensational news items and that’s when I pretty lost the stomach for the mainstream news. I really don’t give a shit that Lindsay Lohan is going to jail. I really don’t give a shit that Mel Gibson got drunk and verbally abused his soon-to-be ex-wife/russian mail order whore.

In an age where we’re inundated with media options, its frightening to think that the news we’re being fed isn’t about top line news items like the clusterfuck wars in Afghanistan and Iraq or the ongoing ecological disaster in the gulf, but what the fuck a hasbeen starlet gets to eat for dinner tonight in the LA County Jail.