Inherently Different

Eternal Movie of the Sunshine Mind

It seems everywhere I go, I’ll inevitably meet someone who claims to “really fucking” love movies. They drone on and on about this movie or that movie, but as I listen I generally come to terms with the fact that the person doesn’t truly love movies as much as they like pop culture and the movies allow them the opportunity to keep up with it.

In those conversations, I often ask them if they have ever watched Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Every so often someone says, “Yeah! That movie was weird…”

More often than not, they’ll also say, “Stupid movie… I didn’t get it!”

And immediately I discount that person as being only an IQ point above invertebrates.

That movie is fucking genius. Someday I’ll meet someone who will mention they have seen the movie and they’ll offer their opinion of what the movie means and I’ll know I’ve found a kindred spirit… and someone who really fucking loves movies.