Inherently Different

giving me the heevie skeevies

I know that a lot of women need to feel beautiful. I know that a lot of women believe that plastic surgery is the best way to feel beautiful.

I also know that any woman who subjects herself to plastic surgery has bigger problems than getting older or fatter. When I see a woman over 40, I often find that the most beautiful of them have not had any surgery or augmentation.

Very often, when I see a woman over 40 who has had plastic surgery I see desperation not youth. It gives me the screaming heevie skeevies. It has become the standard belief, mostly through celebrity reinvention, that plastic surgery is normal and necessary. In my humble opinion though, plastic surgery should only be the last resort for the heinously maimed…I figure if you’re gonna look like you survived a chainsaw accident, you might as well have actually survived a chainsaw accident.