Mind Games

The new TV show with Christian Slater and Steve Zahn is just about what you would expect from the latest genre de jour. It blends science with quirky but flawed characters and a few laughs to hook you, and engaging partially serialized storylines to keep you tuning in. It’s the same recipe that drove Fox’s …

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you have to wonder… you do… right?

I’m often baffled by the herculean effort it must take to completely ignore rationale to believe certain things. Whether it is religion, politics, or human behavior, some things require so much effort as to make them not worth the time or energy to keep up the illusion.

Be the Boss

One of the most aggravating things about being a private contractor, or owning your own business, is dealing with clients who tend to put your invoices on ice. Over the last six or seven years, I’ve had to put up with the usual set of excuses and promises clients make about their outstanding invoices. I …

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giving me the heevie skeevies

I know that a lot of women need to feel beautiful. I know that a lot of women believe that plastic surgery is the best way to feel beautiful. I also know that any woman who subjects herself to plastic surgery has bigger problems than getting older or fatter.¬†When I see a woman over 40, …

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Eternal Movie of the Sunshine Mind

It seems everywhere I go, I’ll inevitably meet someone who claims to “really fucking” love movies. They drone on and on about this movie or that movie, but as I listen I generally come to terms with the fact that the person doesn’t truly love movies as much as they like pop culture and the …

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I can remember that 10 years ago today, though I had spent two days watching the news reports and seeing the video of the twin towers collapsing over and over, it dawned on me what I had witnessed on 9-11. Beyond the terrorism, beyond the grief, shock, and incomprehensible violence, I witnessed a total collapse …

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