Inherently Different

Live from Park City!

Just a quick note to say hello. I’ve been hob-nobbing with all the big C list celebrities including Kyle McLachlan, Danny Glover, Ray Romano and Byron Scott! Wow. The excitment is almost palatable.

Films for Indoor Recess

” I gave up video… I’m into Ham radio performance art now!”

Quite possibly the best movie ever made about making a movie is The Big Picture, with Kevin Bacon.

I like this film a great deal but not because it’s anything spectacular. The acting is ok, the music is random and aside from having 10 or 15 degrees of Kevin Bacon (Jennifer Jason Leigh, Terri Hatcher, J.T. Walsh, Martin Short, Fran Drescher, and John Cleese), it has no one thing that makes it great.

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Mysteries Abound

sherlockholmes.jpgThe Red Queen recently asked if I would rent some Sherlock Holmes mysteries on my Netflix account. While I’ve read Arthur Conan Doyle’s stories many times through the years, I wasn’t too interested in seeing a BBC dramatization of them but agreed. It pays to keep the Red Queen occupied you see.

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Warren Ellis vs. Twig-gnawing Hippy Scum

By far my favorite quote from Warren Ellis’ post on Organic Farming: “I’ve got a food with a story for you. Soylent fucking Green. It’s got a story, a soundtrack and Charlton fucking Heston.”

East to West

I also created a blog for my buddy Greg and I to tagteam post on. It’s called East to West and it’s really just a platform for us to continue arguing about all the things we disagree on, which is to say, everything. Greg lives in Japan now and I miss his dry wit and … Read more

If You Build It…

I’m a jack-ass. Seriously. I’ve spent all day doing nothing more than play with html and php. Not because I’m getting paid to, but because I like it. I haven’t even quit my job grinding diamonds for a major entertainment portal and I’m already falling into my old habits.

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