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If You Build It…

I’m a jack-ass. Seriously. I’ve spent all day doing nothing more than play with html and php. Not because I’m getting paid to, but because I like it. I haven’t even quit my job grinding diamonds for a major entertainment portal and I’m already falling into my old habits.

There have been three other times that I’ve fallen into this pattern of working for X years straight, then finding myself unemployed.

The first time, I had just reached the 3 year mark without a vacation. I needed one. Bad. So I took it the first chance I got and my boss flipped. When I came back, I was in no mood to deal with her so when she started in on me, I quit. I had a decent savings and wasn’t worried about my future as much as I was worried about my present. I was burned out and needed a change. I took the next year off, not working at all.

Then I landed another writing gig. Three years later, I started to feel the itch. I was just coming down from managing a team of writers while the corporation I worked for looked for a suitable director of my department. When they finally hired him, I quit and took another seven month hiatus from the rat race.

Then I began working for the company I’m about to leave. A year after starting, they laid off almost everyone. I was one of the lucky, or unlucky depending on how you look at it. I didn’t care, I got a decent severance package and still had a decent savings. Then they hired me back seven months later.

Now here I am again, right around the 3 year mark and about to do it again. Coincidently enough, I have about 7 months of reserve cash on hand to weather this latest crash course in survival skills.

Only this time, I actually have an agenda. Stay tuned.

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