Inherently Different

Loquisha to Checkout

At the risk of being deemed racist, I have to say that the great experiment is over. Or it should be. Over the last few years, many “feel good” corporations began hiring minorities in order to present a more “diverse” corporate philosophy. Unfortunately, hiring minorities from the inner city also means completely giving up on a “customer first” philosophy for most of these corporations.

I first noticed this with Starbucks (you might remember this post dealing with just this sort of experience) and now, it has gained momentum and found its way to CompUSA.

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Movable Type and You

I finally broke down and had the fine folks at SixApart install and cofigure Movable Type for me. The knuckles at HostOnce couldn’t be bothered. Not really anyway as they told me a few times that it couldn’t be done, then a few more times that, yes indeed, it could be done. Of course, they … Read more

Top Ten Movies of 2003

At least according to me… 10. Finding Nemo 09. LOTR: The Return of the King 08. Bad Santa 07. House of Sand and Fog 06. 21 Grams 05. Mystic River 04. Big Fish 03. Pirates of the Caribbean 02. Last Samurai 01. Kill Bill

Dear Edge…

I answer all my own email. Seriously. Some people believe that I make this stuff up but I’m not that creative… ask my ex-boss at ASW. Here are some recent emails and the thoughtfully direct help I gave them:

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Music Man

My taste in music has wandered across the landscape of sound for over 30 years. From the moment I was given my first AM radio back in 1973, I began a love affair with music that has lasted to this very day. One type of music that has rarely been left off my playlists, is … Read more

buffalo girls on the outside

I like to consider myself rather well versed in aesthetics. What I mean to say is that I understand the intricacies of fashion, you know… what looks good and what doesn’t. Never mind that my favorite ensemble is blue jeans, doc marten boots and a t-shirt. Just like I don’t need a working clue to … Read more

guest reporter: mike tyson

Firtht of all… I want to ttthhank my good friend E for letting me expreth my thoughth about latht nighths boxing match over on the souththide of Chicago. Leth face it… I’m a man and I know a thing or two about mixing it up in and out of the ring with both old people … Read more

fight clubbing chicago style

A few years ago, Chicago fans pretty much set the standard for stupidity when a riot broke out between Chicago fans and Los Angeles Dodger players during a game in May of 2000. Tonight those lovable southside hooligans lowered the bar below sea level when a father & son attacked the KC Royals first base … Read more

violence begets satisfaction

I’m not a violent man. In fact, I’d say that growing up in the southern precincts of San Diego enabled me to appreciate the quieter pursuits in life, such as remaining anonymous and consequently, staying alive. My father, realizing that his three young sons were ripe for the “thug life” took it upon himself to … Read more