Inherently Different

aww, shoot

This just goes to show you that some people shouldn’t have kids! There was a School Shooting near San Diego by some kid with a whacked sense of reality. I mean, c’mon! You need a license to drive a car but not one to have children? It’s easier for a kid to buy a gun … Read more

The One About The Monkey Diaries

When I was very young, I realized two very important things. The first was that no matter what I might believe, I wasn’t special. In fact, it might even be suggested that the mere fact that I wasn’t special in the least, thereby made me special. But, by and large, I’m not any more or … Read more

dinner & a movie

I hosted a dinner party tonight. Lotsa pasta & wine and the season premiere of the Sopranos to boot. What more can someone ask for? Yeah, I know, everyone watches the Soprano’s… almost as clich√© as saying you watch The West Wing but I’m addicted ever since I watched the entire first season on DVD. … Read more