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Claire Booth Luce

Congresswoman, American ambassador to Italy and the one time editor of Vanity Fair, Claire Booth Luce wasn’t your typical 19th century woman. She inspired my current writing project with the notable quote, “No good deed goes unpunished.”

See, the way I see it, she was infinitely more right than wrong in saying that. I can’t think of a single thing done in the interest of humanity that wasn’t looked upon with disdain and downright contempt when it was done. Hell, even good samaritans get sued every now and again for helping someone out of dire straits.

I’m reading Michael Chase Walker’s 12 Stages of Story Development right now and aside from giving really interesting instruction on the process of screenwriting, he also delves deeply into structural archetypes. Archetypes and mythology were discussed at length by Joseph Campbell and Jonathan Young in a few other books I’ve read on the subject but few have been as mentally accessible as Walker’s short explanation of the idea.

Which notable quote or notable figure do you draw inspiration from?

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