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Angel Island

Today the Red Queen and I will meander across the frigid waters of the bay to explore Angel Island… pics later.

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The Red Queen and I caught some interesting views (none quite as entertaining as 6togo apparently did when she visited Angel Island — see comments of this post). I captured this incredible view of a lily near the old military hospital.

racoonteur.jpgThis friendly (and amazingly brave) little creature spent the afternoon pulling down garbage cans in search of tasty tidbits left over from the lunches of a large group of highschool kids.

3 thoughts on “Angel Island”

  1. ooh, i did that meander last year, very cool! i hope she checks out the lil tour where the chinese immigration station was. those wax figures showing the questioning process are actually marlon brando, and a baseball player whose name escapes me right now! ask if she went into the haunted bathroom too!

  2. Oh no! Totally missed that stuff…and I love a haunted anything! Damn! But Ed and I did have a great day just meandering around the island…up to the tippy top with amazing views…no doubt you saw as well….ahh the Bay Area is indeed beautiful 🙂

  3. The tour is a seasonal thing… I believe the tram only runs on weekends until after spring and the exhibits at the immigration center were closed for remodeling…

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