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The Day Draws Neigh

Well, the day I leave for Maui is drawing nearer. I’m really excited and if it wasn’t for this miserable cold I’ve brought back from Guadalajara, I’d be much happier. Of course, having a cold in this kind of heat makes it even worse. Not that I’m complaining (well, ok, just a little bit) because it will get my tolerance for this kind of heat back up to where it will have to be to survive in Maui.

No truth be told, having a cold in Hawaii is better than feeling great in San Francisco. The way I look at it, I’ll take 80 degree weather, a slight offshore breeze and a fucking huge ass Pina Colada on the sands of Ka’anapali over any weather, good or bad, in San Francisco.

Does it sound like I’m rubbing it in? If not, you’re not paying attention. I’m going to Maui and chances are that you are not.

2 thoughts on “The Day Draws Neigh”

  1. i am def. not going to be in hawaii any time soon or, the way things seem to be going, ever.


    you have a job and apartment/house all figured out yet?

  2. No job, no apartment. I’m freelancing and the gigs I’m looking at are telecommuting jobs. As far as an apartment, I’m going in May to scout apartments/houses and should have one by June 1. Who knows, I could end up living in a box on the beach! 😉

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