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The One Where I Visit The Iao Needle

A few days ago, the Red Queen and I went in search of cars, but ended up in the Iao Valley sightseeing. What’s in the Iao Valley you might ask? Historically speaking, the Iao Valley is important to Maui because that is where they traditionally buried their chiefs. It is also the location of the last great battle to unify the islands into one kingdom. In 1790 King Kamehameha (at the time the king of the big island of Hawaii) and his troops rolled a stolen western cannon into the Iao Valley where they had trapped the remaining Maui warriors. Kamehameha blasted them into Poi Burger, finally conquering the island and unifying Hawaii.

Inside the Iao Valley is the Iao Needle. The Needle is a big, phallic rock pinnacle when viewed from the side (which is the angle most tourists enjoy). Of course, it is the remaining edge of a crater that formed the west Maui volcano, so if you stood in front of it the view is more like a broken plate. But who would hike all over god’s creation to look at a broken plate?

2 thoughts on “The One Where I Visit The Iao Needle”

  1. “But who would hike all over god’s creation to look at a broken plate?”

    Probably not to many people, but I’m not entirely sure I’d walk all over the place just to see a penis either.

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