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The One About Debatable Choices

Anyone who thinks voting for Kerry will mean that the US will withdraw from Iraq or prevent the US from jumping into more conflicts in the middle east is a moron. If you choose to vote for Kerry, vote for Kerry because his ideals mirror your own. We’ll be in Iraq for quite some time, perhaps even through the next election.

Anyone who thinks voting for Bush will protect you from terrorism, is a complete idiot. Terrorism doesn’t notice a difference between our political parties. Regardless of who is in office, terrorists will either attack or won’t attack. I hate to burst your bubble, but the last time George W. had a chance to step up and serve his country, he may have been sunning himself on beaches of the Texas coast rather than in uniform on duty.

Anyone voting for Nader is just plain stupid. Not voting at all is the same as voting for Nader since votes cast in his general direction are wasted. In fact, if you, like many people who support Nader, truly want to make an impact and send George W. a message, vote for Kerry. Taken in a broader context, voting for Nader is the same as voting for Bush.

3 thoughts on “The One About Debatable Choices”

  1. The reason I will be voting for Kerry is this…

    I refuse to vote for ANYONE who has publically endorsed a Constitutional amendment that would deny myself and other the rights, or privilages, if you prefer, that others currently enjoy.

    I have never before based a vote upon a single issue, and I hope that I am never in this position again, but my rights/privilages, or lack of them, is a big one for me.

    Kerry certainly isn’t a saint, but I’d prefer him over Shrub any day.

  2. Whether Kerry or Bush wins, the reality of Iraq will remain. We should have learned from Vietnam that a “limited war” is not possible. For us to prevail/survive in Iraq we’re going to have to make some tough choices. We need to go after the other side even if they choose to hide in mosques, schools, hospitals, The Sunni Triangle, wherever. And let’s kick out the journalists. If during the invasion of Normandy, the papers in the U.S. ran headlines reading “140,000 GIs die this week”, how would things be different today. Bush got us into this thing, now someone has to get us out.

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