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The One About Selling Out

Some of you might have noticed the little dancing mini-banner to the right. BlogExplosion is a service that’s sort of like MLM for bloggers. During a recent visit, Gigglechick turned me onto them and am still a bit cautious.

See, the traffic is mostly of the casual, disinterested variety. Essentially, blogexplosion members are required to spend 30 seconds on your blog to earn credits that can then be used to purchase banner impressions and other traffic generating blogvertising.

This means that in order to earn credits to buy blogvertising for my shitty ass blog, I have to spend 30 seconds on a blog detailing the mundane lives of attention starved people just like me… sometimes, these people talk about bowel movements for crissakes! Worse is when I have to spend thirty precious seconds looking at pictures of some buffalo-assed woman’s slopeheaded child.

So, if you’re here from BlogExplosion, let me just say, thanks for waiting 30 seconds before you click your happy ass out of my life until the next time you’re unlucky to draw me from the growing list of equally boring blogs.

8 thoughts on “The One About Selling Out”

  1. just so you know…i spent more than 30 seconds here. hehe
    so, if you don’t mind, i’ll add you to my blogroll…cause this is one of the few sites that says something that entertains my little self.

  2. thats not such a bad idea except the click through programs dont really work in my opinion. like you said the visitors sit for the 30 seconds and then move on. I guess I’ll click your link tho and earn you some vistors. If you really want them to stay and look around you’ve gotta have some killer layout or lots of images.

  3. LOL. Well, at least those 30 seconds were humorous. And you managed to con another 30 or so from me as I left this comment. Maybe Blog Explosion isn’t all bad. 😉

  4. heh blogexplosion here as well and been reading your film reviews. you totally missed out on “Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid” in your Peckinpah post! just thought i’d mention that, it might actually save your life.

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