Inherently Different

The One Where I Admit to Drug Abuse

As I mentioned on snazzykat’s blog, an idle mind is the devil’s workshop. Throw in the fact that I’m still relatively under the influence of a heroin* binge, and what happened this morning might make more sense.

I was sitting on the couch as the Red Queen was getting ready for work trying to keep my DT’s from being “too” noticable when I started hallucinating. At least I thought I was until a commercial broke the spell. There is this show on PBS called Boobahs, or some such, I really wasn’t paying attention. I was more taken aback by the characters cavorting on the screen. Kids watch this? Its like an hour long acid trip!

Anyway, what was really freaking me out is that they looked really familiar. Like I’d seen them before. Then it dawned on me. They are currently seeking re-election!

* Really it was four cups of strong coffee… my days of abusing heroin are behind me… like a monkey.