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The One Where I link my Nanowrimo Novel

I’ve built a blog so you can follow along in my quest to write 50.000 words in 30 days. Remember, the words don’t necessarily have to combine to create a well-crafted, thoroughly engaging novel… the words just need to pile up until there are 50,000 of them consecutively placed somewhere. I think even I can manage that…

The bottom line is I need to write 1670 words per day. I poop 1670 words between breakfast and lunch… which is to say that most of what you’ll see in my novel would normally end up in the white bowl in my lavatory. But as I said, this is all about quantity not quality…

2 thoughts on “The One Where I link my Nanowrimo Novel”

  1. You are a brave, brave man. You have my respect. (Unless you don’t finish, in which case I will shake my head in bitter disappointment behind your back.) Good luck!

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