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The One About Awards

I write mainly for myself and while I enjoy the comments I receive and the links back to my site from other blogs, I don’t really mind if the world at large ever stumbles across my blog.

Aside from having some relatively unpopular views on just about every topic imaginable, I’m also saddled with a rather piss poor view of humanity in general. Which means that few other blogs interest me outside of the handful that I normally visit, which in turn makes quid pro quo relationships impossible. I joined blogexplosion not to generate traffic or introduce new readers to my opinion, but to discover new blogs that might interest me.

Lately, more than a few blogs are lobbying for votes for some blog awards deal or another. How incredibly pathetic can you get? I’m about to remove a blog from my sidebar because the blogger in question not only lobbies for votes, but actually NOMINATED himself for an award! How empty is an award that you have to convice people you deserve?

Nah, I’ll take my few regular readers and their frequent comments over a barrage of awards from the bloggeratti any day of the week. I love you guys… I really do.

4 thoughts on “The One About Awards”

  1. Shameless self promotion is the name of the game. Sadly its the only way most people get ahead. Afterall, if you don’t promote yourself and your work, who else will?

  2. Found you through the hilarious Daxohol.

    Agreed on all counts on the blog award business. I actually pimped the latest one, the BoB, as I found myself in a kind of blog clique, almost a cult around a particularly flashy site and agreed to help promote this award. I regret this for many reasons but mostly because it reminds me of junior high student council elections.

    And speaking of pimp, I’m going to link you on my site.

    Monkeys…I love the monkeys…and Hawaii, ahhhhh.
    I’ll be on Big Island in January. Was in Kauai two years ago. You be lucky locals.

    Mele kalikamaka,

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