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The One About Christmas

Walking around here on Maui, I’m not reminded very often that it is late December much less that we’re knee deep in the hypocrisy of Christmas. I can’t say that my utter contempt for this particular holiday and the fact that it isn’t a big a deal here had much to do with my decision to move here, but I can say that I’m even more pleased with my decision now.

I know there are a lot of people out there who LOVE the holidays and might even go as far as exhibiting some level of “good will” toward their neighbors, but it is all absolutely fake. Really, I’m calling all you “happy holiday” types out and stating for the record that you’re as plastic as a six pack ring.

I’ve always felt the same way about the holidays. Even as a child I was able to see past the artificial joy of those around me. I’ll admit, I’m not the ideal demographic sought after by the marketing machine behind Christmas (I have a brain that doesn’t disengage when presented with heart-string-pulling-advertising), but c’mon how obtuse do you have to be to fall for all that feel-good crap?

Now, I don’t believe that the holiday has anything to do with religion, so my disinterest in the celebration has nothing to do with my stance against organized religion. Of course, I’d be remiss in my responsibility to truth if I didn’t remind any “good Christian” that Christmas is the end-result of the biggest advertising campaign ever initiated by man. First, historically speaking, Christ wasn’t born in December, but in the Spring. Second, the Christmas celebration was created by the Christian Church to compete with pagan Winter/New Year celebrations. How much more artificial can you get than a holiday created out of whole cloth in order to please the populace? I’d rather celebrate Festivus if I’m going to buy into an artificial holiday.

You can sing your carols, be temporarily nice to complete strangers, and buy into the materialistic “spirit” of the season if you like, but don’t expect me to join you.

3 thoughts on “The One About Christmas”

  1. Whoa…My egg nog almost knocked my Kwanzaa chalice into the plate of latkes. All I can say is things change when you have a child. You want them to experience it all, and not be as jaded as dear old dad.

  2. Santa was invented by Coca Cola.

    I’m right with you on the plastic parts.

    Christmas is one of my least favorite holidays (the other one is St. Paddy’s Day, because I’m always wondering “why on earth” when people dress up like leprachauns and drink green beer…) Anyway.

    Jesus was probably born in June, the fourth month of the Roman calendar. Xmas was “rescheduled” to happen around the same time as the Winter Equinox, when people traditionally gave each other small tokens of affection to help make the “dark days” brighter. The yule log was part of this tradition, as is lighting lights to “make merry the dark” and whatnot. Some people call it pagan, I just call it common sense: they didn’t have electricity, so they put candles in their windows to guide weary travelers in the darkness. Trees in the house had something to do with promise of power of life, as in “green doesn’t die”. Red and Green were power colors of life. So, sorta pagan I guess. Appropriated by the relgious.

    The idea of santa the way we sort of know him was probably actually invented by the dutch (I think), who said he’d put either coal or apples in your sock, and then appropriated by coca cola and rockwell.

    Xmas and Xchins in general, bug. I respect that some people love it, and I’ll probably do the xmas thing when I have kids.

    Take care Ed dear, and have a Happy Lei Day!


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