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The One About Dumb Questions

Someone once said, “there no dumb questions!” That is about as inaccurate a statement as can be made.

Of course there are dumb questions and even dumber times to ask those dumb questions. For instance, as much as this is a tragedy, it was also avoidable. There isn’t anything a human being can possess that is as valuable as life. To provoke a criminal is to put your life and that of others in harms way. This woman really fucked up.

There is no way of knowing if the outcome would have been different had she just handed over her purse and kept her mouth shut, but I’m going to guess that no one would have been killed.

1 thought on “The One About Dumb Questions”

  1. well, you don’t know that. They had a gun. They used it on an unarmed woman. They were young and really fucking stupid. I say if you want to risk your life, do it. It’s almost not worth living in a world where people carry guns, rob people, and shoot for kicks. Too bad she didn’t have a gun too. I bet then she’d be alive, because she was probably gutsy enough to shoot them first. They are little creeps who never should have been born.

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