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short people

I’m posting the latest financial information requested by the whineylimey (Posted by: WhineyLimey | March 12, 2005 02:35 PM).

Pygmy Orphan Inc.(NYSE:POI) was up 77 cents per share to $39.31 after the Congo conglomerate named former Fantasy Island star Ricardo Montalban as chairman and CEO, hoping his experience with both persons of short stature and fantasy based entertainment would help the company with the convergence of its own entertainment holdings and its desires to make week long sojurns to Disneyland affordable for coffee drinkers everywhere.

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  1. i’d just like you to know that i’m the idiot that looked up NYSE poi only to realize with disappointment that it is protection one,inc., not pygmy orphans inc.

    this has ruined my morning

  2. Oops! I meant that my lawyers are working with the NYSE to wrest the acronym away from the evil clutches of Protection One, Inc. Don’t get me started on how deeply Pygmy Orphans, Inc. is currently buried under the weight of heavy litigation!

  3. Hmm… I have no idea. How did you do your lookup? My service provider, Verizon DSL, is based in Virginia, but I just did a reverse lookup on the IP address ( at it lists a honolulu.

    Reverse DNS Lookup
    IP Address resolves to:

    I’m on Maui (kihei 96753 to be exact).

    If you have a webcam enabled computer and IM, I can video chat with you and show you around kihei 😉

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