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the streets is watching

The lives of other people fascinate me. I mean, really, that’s why I read as many blogs as I do. If you’re coming here, chances are you’re just as voyeuristic as I am. I’m of the belief that the main reason blogs have become so popular is the cavernous need, arguably perverted, to live for just a moment in the minds of others.

What I am often troubled by is that anyone besides my girlfriend, the red queen, reads what I write here. There are lives being lead that are much more interesting than mine. I mean my typical day goes a little something like this:

  1. Wake up to the automatic coffee maker alarm going off.
  2. Drink myself awake.
  3. Write (either for this blog or for my publisher).
  4. Go to the beach or for a walk. Sometimes I even go to the beach for a walk.
  5. Encounter interesting people and usually, if things go as planned, insult them.

That’s it. Not much to it, yet people return here like swallows to capistrano. Don’t get me wrong, I really appreciate the loyalty and the attention. But I am a bit confused as to why anyone would bother. Maybe they expect me to write something worthy of their (really your) attention. They’ve (you) been waiting for a long time now and I would imagine, they (again, you) are probably getting rather discouraged. All I really ever do is explain how difficult I am and the various things that make me a bitter old fat balding man who just happens to live on an island that is the most remote (geographically speaking) place on Earth.

2 thoughts on “the streets is watching”

  1. My opinion: Blogs are popular because people need an outlet and connection to other people. T.V.s, computers, and suburbs have isolated people.

  2. Believe it or not dude, but the way you write about your seemingly dull life and your thoughts/opinions makes you seem to be the kind of person…oddly enough…that I would hang out with.
    *cough* your interesting.

    That’s why I come back. I want to hear what the bitter man has experienced today. I want to hear about who you insulted. I find it better than America’s Top Model. That was a compliment, not an insult ;-P

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