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a plain morning

Does anyone else out there ever worry about whether our civilization is becoming too homogenized? This prevailing question infiltrates my daily existence.

Over the last ten years, we have become a society that deems everything offensive. Gone are the days when you could joke around about ethnicity or sexuality without disturbing someone’s increasingly fragile sensitivities. I believe that the more civilized our world becomes, the less I find I like being part of it.

From my perspective, it seems humankind is striving toward eliminating dissenting thought and promoting a hive mentality without much to offer the individual. The world is now filled with politically correct automatons who preach that we shouldn’t do this and shouldn’t say that. All that this has really done, rather than making the world a nicer place to live, is create a society of busy-bodies and weaklings!

What has happened to the freedom to express oneself, to stand by your convictions and live life the way you see fit so long as it doesn’t bring physical harm to another? Are we so out of touch with living that we fear the damage possible through every action, no matter how trivial, and apologize beforehand? We make excuses daily for not being tough, strong, or conservative and yet we refuse to take responsibility for our actions as individuals because it’s easier to blame society.

Worse yet is the decline of MAN as an institution. It seems to me, being a man is a truly dying art. Sensitivity and a propensity toward over-emotional, non-physical outbursts are becoming the defacto measure of the 21st century male. I know three hetero-sexual males that tune in to watch SEX IN THE CITY in syndication and sit among a big circle of bitter women commiserating about the trials and tribulations of dating! Are you kidding me? Where’s the testosterone? Where’s the beer stained wife-beater tee shirts? Maybe I’m the only one bothered? Do I need to get in touch with my sensitive side? Kill me now if this is future of the human race.

6 thoughts on “a plain morning”

  1. Ive called my broker and liquidated my holdings in Pygmy Orphan Inc in order to contribute to your bail as I assume that you have been arrested shortly after posting this.

    Think you right, btw, and would like to give you a warm male to male non-sexual hug to express and facilitate our on-going bonding process.

    I’ll come round later and we can swap tips, over a nice herbal tea, about facial creams for men. Ok?

  2. Yeah, maybe we are headed towards homegenity but I am REALLY tired of the tasteless jokes. As you said, ‘Gone are the days when you could joke around about ethnicity or sexuality without disturbing someone’s increasingly fragile sensitivities.” Is that such a bad thing? I for one will not miss the sexist jokes around the office or the crude comments about peoples disabilities.

  3. You’re entitled to your opinion. I often find it ironic that laughter can be used to unify as well as separate. While you might find tasteless jokes contemptable, I find them liberating. Liberating in so much it proves that I’m human and can laugh at myself as well as at others. When you start to take yourself too seriously, all you do is eliminate your humanity.

  4. I worry all the time that people are going to get too sensitive. Of course, I also get grumpy when I hear about people protesting the use of common words like… Jail Guard. They’re now “Penalization Enforcers”.

    How. Freaking. Stupid.

  5. It’s simple. Respect. Humans like respect. If you feel disrespected, you react. It’s natural. Humor and respect can be friends. What can’t be friends is humor, and ignorance. That only breeds hate and resentment.

    I too feel that North America is becoming too hyper-sensitive and relying on rules and laws to aviod thinking. For example, there are too many warning labels. Warning labels are important for population control. If your stupid enough to use a hairspray in front of an open fire, you should just suffer the consequences. The world is better off without another idiot.

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