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mothers of the disappeared

Jen Cookie asked me what I thought of Brittany Murphy who is currently in Sin City. Rather than leave my response in the comments, I thought I’d share it with the masses (all five of my regular readers).

Let me preface the following comments by saying that I like Brittany Murphy on the whole, but I think this question deserves a timeline since my perception of her has changed along with her appearance:

1995 Clueless: Soft, round the way girl. Up and coming actress who begs keeping an eye on.

1996 Freeway: Soft, road hard and put away girl. The trials of living in Hollywood are taking their toll. My eye begins to wander in another direction.

1999 Drop Dead Gorgeous: Hmmm, something is amiss. She looks like she skipped a few meals. My eye is watering.

1999 Girl, Interrupted: That’s it! She’s a nutter! I’m not sure she’s acting here. Ooops, I’m closing my eyes.

2001 Don’t Say A Word: Yep, she’s crazier than a shithouse rat, but she’s looking good in a kill you in your sleep kind of way. My eye is a slit.

2002 8 Mile: What is she thinking? This movie should have been called 8 minutes, which is the length of time she was on screen and coincidently held my attention. My eye is warily open again.

2003 Uptown Girls: Oh my god, it’s skeletor! She looks like something Mary Kate Olsen would toss up. My eyes are wide shut.

2005 Sin City: Still crazy, but at least she’s gained some weight back. When you could see her ribs, backbone and clavicles, she reminded me of a coat rack. Coat racks are great places to store coats and hats, but very difficult to watch on screen. My eye is open but with reservations.

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  1. I see you missed “Little Black Book.” Don’t worry, it was highly missable. But she sings a Carly Simon song in the film, and not horribly, I might add. Not that I like her or her skeletor ways, or anything.

  2. you know what she actually told reporters? “i need a personal assistant because otherwise i forget to eat. they need to remind me to eat dinner, ’cause i just don’t get hungry!”

    yeah. right.

  3. It didn’t move before, but your comment about the drawing made me remember that I had created an animated version of my blog logo, or blogo if you will (like that, I coined that phrase just now). I threw it on my page just to drive you wild Jenn Cookie!

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