Inherently Different


Ever wonder why people say the things they say, then get upset when you look at them like they’re crazy?

I should have gone into law… trial law at that.

It is overcast here today. The first bit of respite from the heavy hand of the sun god. I hope it rains and washes away all the tourists.

The one thing I dislike about Netflix is that I can’t hunt down the bastards who may have watched a DVD before me. Not that I like to be first, but sometimes these cockknockers scratch the disc and render it unviewable. At least with blockbuster I can finagle some info from the moron behind the counter.

I need a bike. I need to lose 25 lbs.

6 thoughts on “blurry”

  1. Im looking at you like you’re crazy. Dont get upset. What the hell is “cockknocker” . Im going to bed with an image of ppl knocking cocks. Thank you. Appreciated. 🙂
    I hate those smiley faces ..thats better. just.

  2. you are insane. do you hunt people down at blockbuster too? lol

    i forgot my netflix password. this may become a problem when my queue runs out. oopsies.

    hey u know waht i was randomly thinking, must be hard to go to concerts when u live in hawaii huh

  3. There are a number of bands that make it out to Oahu, Hawaii… Maui is another thing all together. I think the biggest acts we’ve had here in the year I’ve been on island are:

    1. The Who
    2. Jack Johnson
    3. Bachman Turner Overdrive

    Not a big selection to be sure.

    I could hit many more concerts if I flew my ass over to Oahu.

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