Inherently Different

the line begins to blur

I’ve begun to censor myself. I don’t know when it began, but I know that I’ve done it to a certain extent. Some of you may be thinking, “er, no… he says some pretty fucked up shit, so he can’t possibly be censoring himself!”

Well, it is true, and well… I’m not going to to it anymore. Whatever button operates the self-censorship mechanism of my psyche has now been officially retired… again.

From now on, the thoughts that happen to surface and appear here won’t be tainted by what I refer to as the “honesty puss out.”

This will be the only warning and from here on out, I am not responsible for the fits of uncontrollable anger nor the abyss of torment my literary meanderings might illicit from you, my adoring fans.

3 thoughts on “the line begins to blur”

  1. er, no, he says some pretty fucked up shit… he can’t possibly be censoring himself! (don’t worry. i censored myself too on my last post. so that makes two of us!)

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