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the killing moon

Our parking space is next to the parking space of someone who is a cockknocker. This piece of shit can’t park to save his life. You’d think he was a 16 year old girl considering how poorly he parks… at the very least he seems to show little consideration for whether or not we can get into our parking space.

I really dislike people who can’t be bothered to show even the slightest amount of consideration for others.

Now, before you remind me that I am an admitted asshole, know that I am a considerate asshole first and foremost. It is only when you exhibit certain unsavory behaviors that I will unleash the full power of my malevolence. I’m like a Sith Lord… Darth Asshole if you will. My powers granted by the darkside are far superior to those of mere mortals. I could crush him like a nerf herder if I wanted to.

Alas, it is hard to hide bodies here on Maui. Otherwise this cockknocker would be the first in a long line of fucktards I excise the gene pool.

8 thoughts on “the killing moon”

  1. Keen to join the ranks of the committed assholes I would note that the phrase “16 year old girl” could simply be replaced by the word “woman”..
    What is it about hand-eye co-ordination, reverse gear, and vehicles that these people don’t get?
    Of course, killing all woman would be an error..I’m not proposing that. Just a stern talking too.

  2. Well, being in the 40 year old range, anything younger than 21 is still a girl in my eyes. And most women of my acquaintance can park… the girls I know however, not so good in that department.

    This particular cockknocker is a guy who just happens to have the hand/eye coordination of a 16 year old girl.

  3. Humm. Im still waiting to meet a woman who can reverse into a parking space in one go. However, I accept the possibility that I may have been keeping the wrong company.

  4. um, I happen to be the best parallel parker I know, bar none…and yes I happen to be a woman, nice try though 🙂

  5. ah, so hard for e to give me credit….he’s just trying to make sure that my head doesn’t get to big and fly off into the sunset…

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