Inherently Different


I woke up today and forgot where I was. Perhaps this is the early stages of alzheimer’s? It was momentary, but still disorienting to wake up and not know why you are waking up in a strange place. Of course, as soon as I saw my gf, I remembered where I was.

When I was much younger I would wake up absolutely terrified. Of course, that was mostly due to my relationship with my primary care giver.

On another unrelated note, Kate Bush released an album recently and it is possibly the best album she has ever released… well, two albums actually since it is a double cd set. If you liked Kate Bush back in the late 70s and early 80s as I did, you’ll love Aerial.

And yet on another completely unrelated note, this is the kind of post you get when you rush things. Yeah, I did say that I wouldn’t post again until Limey changed his site design, but to be honest, it was a half-assed change on Limey’s part, so you’ll get a half-assed post on my part.

1 thought on “aerial”

  1. Haha — oh well it is a post and that is a good thing. And I’m sorry to say but I have absolutely no idea who Kate Bush is. Late 70’s, early 80’s I was around 7 years old so that might be why.
    And why do you think you woke up so confused? I mean besides the alzheimer’s theory. Did you sleep more deeply than usual?

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