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bus stop boxer

"The perfect bureaucrat everywhere is the man who manages to make no decisions and escape all responsibility." – Brooks Atkinson (1894 – 1984

Some people have a very difficult time making decisions. I am not one of them. Since I could remember I have been able to make hard decisions the instant a problem arises that requires a choice. That is the one aspect of my personality that I take the most comfort from.

I’m of the opinion that most people who have problems making decisions also have problems with responsibilty. They are usually the ones who blame others for their failures, seek paths of least resistance, and generally try to avoid being responsible for others. I dislike being around people like that.

Unfortunately, I have rarely found myself with people capable of making decisions when the chips are down and consequently, I am forced to make the decisions no one else will make. This in turn has lead people to believe that I am, at best, hard hearted, and at worst, heartless.

I don’t make decisions with my heart, so perhaps that isn’t necessarily wrong. When it comes to certain types of decisions, I suppose it is better to be heartless than brainless.

I wonder… I wonder if the chips were down, and decisions needed to be made, would you be the one to step up and make them? If push came to shove, and someone needed to take responsibility, would you do it? If the matter were life or death? Could you step up? I wonder…

4 thoughts on “bus stop boxer”

  1. If the matter were life or death involving my children then I am confident I would instinctively make whatever decisions I needed to instantly. Otherwise, I do think I am a fairly good decision maker but I’m not heartless like you. . oops I mean hard-hearted. . .

  2. LOL@ ” heartless like you”….:p

    Yes, I can and do. Make decisions when the chips are down. You and I differ as to where the primary focus of that desciion making takes place; the head or the heart but nevertheless I think that we both agree that there is no point sitting around whineing like a bitch; better to get up and get on…

  3. I’m definitely a decision maker. I tend to make rational decisions based upon rational considerations, while still factoring in emotional elements.

    Wow, that sounded warm and fluffy, didn’t it?

  4. hahaha Asher… you sound like the kind of guy I wouldn’t shiv in the dead of night if we were both trapped on a deserted island!

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