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i bet i can quit gambling

This is like a holiday week for me. More so than the week that the dark knight came out, although that was better than Christmas, Halloween, and Thanksgiving combined.

No, this is the week leading up to the start of the NFL season.

Like last year, my favorite team (and it should be yours unless you wanna be a noob) the san diego chargers are picked by many experts to finish as the league champions. If this happens there is a 60-75% chance that I will drop dead of surprise. Fore warned is fore armed.

1 thought on “i bet i can quit gambling”

  1. My friend from high-school and her husband have given me a standing invitation to come over every week to watch Charger football (It’s on Sundays right?)… I said, yes, of course as long as there’s drinking involved but that I don’t even really understand football. She swears by the end of the season I’ll show up with lightening bolts painted on my cheeks. I’m skeptical…

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