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down by contact

Remember OJ? Now some Vegas prosecutor wants to make up for the travesty of justice that was his original murder trial.

As O.J. Simpson‘s trial on armed robbery charges kicked off Monday in Las Vegas, the prosecutor looking to put the former football star behind bars—possibly for the rest of his life—urged the jury to make this the “final chapter” in Simpson’s infamous and, in recent years, sordid story. – E!Online

I know that OJ probably murdered Nicole, but he was acquitted of all charges by a jury of his peers. Which means he is innocent of the charges from a legal standpoint. What I find rather scary is that a prosecutor is aiming to give him a life sentence, seemingly, to make up for the fact that he was found innocent all those years ago.

I think OJ is a douchebag, but he shouldn’t be punished for crimes for which he was found not guilty of committing. It scares me to think that a prosecutor is finding a way to put him on trial in such a way as to circumvent double jeopardy laws. While this prosecutor isn’t trying him for murder, he wants the jury to use their knowledge of his past legal troubles in considering the new charges against him. Sneaky and scary.

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  1. Well… knowing that he most probably killed his ex-wife and got away with it leaves me and many others with a sick feeling, so I won’t feel bad if they can put him away for life, but on the other hand you are absolutely right. He went to trial and was found not guilty… so legally he is not guilty. There should be no twisting of the laws to put him away because we all know he’s guilty. It doesn’t work that way. And what the hell is he doing committing armed robbery? Very strange.

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