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crazy like a fox

So I am minding my own business and I overhear a conversation between two 20-something women at Starbucks. I was doing a good job ignoring them, but then the first waspy woman said this about Megan Fox:

Shrew 1: Ugh, she disgusts me. She tries to hard. She’s such a beautiful girl yet she feels the need to act like this. Sad.

(I chuckle to myself, quietly, I thought out of earshot, but she turns to me and says…)

Shrew 1: Beg your pardon?

Me: A woman, confident, decisive and opinionated disgusts you? Interesting.

Personally speaking, I would like to see more women behave this way (i don’t think she is trying at all to be honest)… the more prissy, chaste, and conservative women behave, the longer they will be considered the “weaker” sex.

Shrew 2: There’s a difference between being classy and opinionated and classless and opinionated. She, quite obviously, is the latter.

Me: I don’t really see what Megan Fox does or says that can be considered classless… in order to be classless, you would have to debase yourself in such a way as to render yourself inhuman. From what I have seen reported, the worst that can be said about her is that she speaks her mind and she was photographed with her hand on her boyfriends crotch in what should have been a private moment in a public place.

I guess it all depends on how puritanical your views are… is Madonna classless? Is Vanessa Hudgens? Since both of these women have said and done things that would fall within the realm of “classless” based on your example.

Women who are strong, opinionated and are not willing to conform to puritanical views of womanhood will always be considered classless by those who have very little regard for equality. A woman should NOT be held to a higher standard than a man in my honest opinion.

Shrew 1:
Yeah, because grabbing your boyfriend’s package for a few seconds in public AND in front of a photographer no less, is sooo classy.

Me: And showing your breast during a dance routine is classy… as is having your bikini ride up and expose your breast when playing at the beach…

Is it classy to give your sig other a kiss on the mouth in public? To hold hands? To place your hand on their ass? If a man does any of these things, is it classless? I think either you’re either jealous or simply unable to measure a person’s worth without attaching gender bias to their actions.

To me this is less about Megan Fox and her public misdeeds and more about wanting to find reasons to denigrate her for behaving in a way that upsets your puritanical views about how women should and shouldn’t conduct themselves. Which is made even scarier by the fact that you are a woman and dressed like a $2 hooker in Bangkok.

If women want equality, women should be the last people to cast stones upon another woman, whatever her faults. Enjoy your coffee, hope it goes a long way toward waking you up to reality.

4 thoughts on “crazy like a fox”

  1. Yes! So, so true, e! I don’t know the Megan Fox story but you are right that we should not cast stones or fault another woman for being confident, decisive and opinionated. Women contribute to the inequality of women more than we’re willing to admit.

    And I think the flies on the wall in that Starbucks must rejoice every time they see you walk in.

  2. wow your slipping man!

    [quote]puritanical views about HOW women and HOW they should conduct themselves.[/quote]

    [quote] I think either you’re either jealous [/quote]

    You get a C- today my friend.

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