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too much, too soon, too late

It seems that I missed a few days. I had some posts lined up, but they weren’t even close to ready for prime time so I held them back. I have taken on two new clients in the last 72 hours and have been knee deep in prepping myself to get the jobs finished before the end of the month. That could mean I will be posting less, but I will attempt to push out a few posts when time permits.

On another note, my team has a “must win” game coming up on Monday against the Jets. If they lose this game, and there is a very real possiblity that they could, the season is essentially over. With Denver playing its best football in years, they seem to have the AFC West championship in their sights. Let’s hope Brett Favre has his worst game as a pro come monday night.

3 thoughts on “too much, too soon, too late”

  1. Work before blogging I guess. 🙁

    I will be watching that game… or drinking beer while the game is on anyway. I might even wear blue and yellow… or is it blue and gold?

  2. Well, your boys manages to pull out the win, and did so decisively. Unfortunately for me, Antonio Gates didn’t produce quite enough to overcome the -7 points the Pats defense scored for me in my fantasy league, so I took my first loss.

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