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dead reckoning

My computer is dying. I have a bunch of computers, but this one is the computer that is like that favorite pair of shoes… comfortable and well-known. I am buying a replacement on monday, but this one will be sorely missed.

4 thoughts on “dead reckoning”

  1. LOL… I love macs (I learned on a Macintosh SE in college and used them all through my career until about 2003 when I had to use a PC for work) and still play around with them for non-business computing. Most of my work now requires a fast processor with a metric poop ton of memory (coding mostly, but a lot of high end graphics too). Unfortunately I can buy a really buffed out PC for the same price as a really low end mac. In terms of value proposition, Macs are just not competitive. I still have two macs in the house, but never use them for work related activities.

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