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100 (more) Things About Me

The original 100 things can be found here.

100. I have not watched broadcast television (live tv) in three years (not counting charger games at the local bar).
99. From the time I was 5 until I was 38, I could probably count the number of times I have been sick on both hands.
98. Since 2004 when I moved to Maui, I have had at least 12 colds and half as many flu viruses.
97. I read a lot of blogs and have come to realize a great many of the people who write them would drive me crazy if I knew them in real life.
96. I rarely sleep for more than 5 hours a night and frequently sleep much less.
95. It isn’t insomnia, I just don’t feel sleepy.
94. If I became famous, I would have little trouble forgetting just about everyone I know.
93. If the world ended tomorrow, I would be ok with it.
92. My hierarchy of needs starts with absolute truth at the top, then works its way down with emotions at the bottom.
91. I love to cook.
90. I play entirely too much Warhammer Online.
89. I cant understand why some people whine so much about such inconsequential things. If it doesn’t kill you, play on!
88. Life is only as complicated as you make it. I have simplified my life and it has improved my outlook immensely.
87. I like to argue.
86. I can go from liking someone to being completely indifferent toward them in a matter of moments, especially if they are manipulative, whiney, or ignorant.
85. I can figure most people out within 10 minutes of meeting them, and make a decision about them and their inherent value within 15.
84. I push people’s buttons as often as I can.
83. I really don’t care what people think about me.
82. While they say, “No man is an island,” I think that a man can be a small subdivision outside the city.
81. Reality is always more interesting than fantasy, except when that reality is manufactured.
80. When I was 14, my dentist died of an unknown disease… later, it was discovered he was one of the first known cases of HIV/AIDS.
79. I have been on championship winning teams in baseball, soccer, and hockey.
78. I have a low threshold for stupidity. Most people really disappoint me with their lack of intelligence.
77. I have a large collection of graphic novels.
76. I have great rapport with animals and children.
75. I used to have a really bad gambling habit. I stopped gambling quite some time ago and don’t miss it.
74. I saved my younger brothers life when he was 3.
73. I almost killed him when he was five.
72. I think that makes us even.
71. I don’t speak to my older brother much these days.
70. His wife used to copy my tests in High School.
69. She called me one day crying asking me if I thought he was cheating on her. I told her if he wasn’t, he should be.
68. I have gone out of my way to humiliate her as much as humanly possible.
67. This could have something to do with why my older brother and I don’t speak much.
66. I have had fun at the expense of others.
65. But I have never been a bully.
64. People either love me or hate me.
63. I tend to go out of my way to infuriate people who show any dislike towards me or mine.
62. I am a lifelong San Diego sports fan (maybe sufferer would be more appropriate).
61. I spend 12 or more hours per day on the computer.
60. I either like you or I am indifferent toward you. There are no grey areas.
59. My biggest pet peeve is people who are indecisive.
58. Unless you have to decide which appendage to lose over a gambling debt, few problems should rate more than 2 minutes thought before making a decision.
57. I weed out people who have problems making decisions.
56. If people ask my opinion, and then don’t take it, then wonder what went wrong, I am not above saying, “I told you so!”
55. Which probably explains why people either love me or hate me.
54. Of course, it is better to be hated or loved than to be ignored.
53. The people I interact with in person most these days are my gf and clients.
52. I actually prefer it that way.
51. The people on Maui are generally the most ignorant people i have come across.
50. Which probably explains why I try to limit my interaction with them as much as possible.

More to come…

2 thoughts on “100 (more) Things About Me”

  1. Wow. This is interesting.
    98. Why do you think Maui is making you so sick?
    94. That makes me want to cry just a little bit.
    90. What the hell is Warhammer?
    86. This statement is not even a tiny bit surprising.
    80. Wow.
    76. You have great rapport with children? Interesting.
    56. Haha… yea, sometimes it has to be said.

    I look forward to reading the next 50.

  2. I learned so much, so of which I already figured out:-).
    We actually have much in common, I have not watched tv for 13 years, so I have you beat there.

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