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looking for a new drug

Or at least a new wordpress theme. I’m thinking something with a typewriter… you know, for inspiration. I am 1500 words into my novel and need to keep motivated. I figure the average novel has roughly 120,000 words so I have a way to go.

I have pretty much given up all my vices. I don’t smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol, or frequent brothels, so I am unsure whether or not I can still claim to be a writer. I think you need at least one vice to be a professional writer, but since my writer’s guild membership was revoked, I have no way of knowing for sure.

2 thoughts on “looking for a new drug”

  1. Why was your writers quild membership revoked? I bet that is a good story :-). As for vices, I have a few, you can have one of mine if you want…

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