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the very best movie evah

I have watched a lot of movies. Even if you only counted the movies I have rented through netflix (I have been a member since june of 2000), you would arrive at a number that boggles the mind (834). Of course, the real number, including films I have watched in theaters and on TV would probably hit upwards of 4000.

When I say I love movies, I am NOT kidding. I like a great many movies that most people dislike (Hudson Hawke) as well as movies that are universally loved (Old Yeller), but when it comes to my list of films I believe are the “best evah,” I simply picked films that are entertaining and examples of what the medium could be if all filmmakers took the time to care.

What film is my favorite? Which film do I consider the best film ever? Without a doubt, it is…

01. Blade Runner – It would be too easy to say I love this film because it is the most modern version of Film Noir there is. It is a detective story, dark, dirty, and features a femme fatale who may or may not want to pull one over on our hero. But the fact that it is a modern film noir is only part of it. The acting is first rate, the story fully realized, the characters motivated, but above all, it is visually stunning. I was a fan of Phillip K. Dick long before Ridley Scott chose Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep as the basis for Blade Runner, but you can add that to the list of reasons why this is my favorite film of all-time. I still pull this movie out (the director’s cut, not the theatrical version although even that version is good) when I am alone and looking for something to watch (I am pretty sure my gf thinks the movie is boring). It satisfies me on levels I can’t even begin to express.

4 thoughts on “the very best movie evah”

  1. I must say though I liked Blade Runner very much, I did expect more from you. Perhaps it is because I think Harrison Ford is an awful actor, though I did like him in Star Wars and I am not a fan of Sean Young’s either. The movie is a wonder to look at though, and the story is entertaining. I did notice that all your picks are older films, any newer ones to recommend? I am a movie freak too, I think I have spent half my life watching films. We have a very different list of favorites though (I am posting mine soon), but of course we would as I am a woman :-).
    Thanks for this…

  2. hehe… i like to aim low in terms of people’s expectations so if you expected more, then I have accomplished my goal 🙂

    I simply like it because it is a complete film. There are many good films that satisfy me on one or two levels (say acting and directing, but the film is visually lacking…), but Blade Runner is one of the few films that hits the mark everywhere. Each of the actors is believable in their respective role, the director was at the top of his game, the screenplay was tight and engaging, the effects… even by today’s standards, were exceptional. There isn’t one single part of the whole that is off… and that is why it holds the position it does.

    I am sure many people disagree with me and that’s ok. The thing is, i can play that movie constantly on my DVD player and never get sick of it. How many films can you say that about?

  3. I understand what you mean, “Good Fellas” does that for me, it is a perfect film in every way and I have seen that film 20 0r 30 times :-). We all have our own taste and it is okay. I liked the film too, I just did not
    love it as much as you do, though that would be hard to do :-), given your passion for it.

  4. I guess I have a lot of movies to add to my list if I would like to be a part of this conversation. I’ve only seen one of the movies on your list, e! 🙂

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