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death becomes her

Someone sent me a message via facebook about Jade Goody. My first thought was, “who the fuck is Jade Goody, and why should I give a rat’s ass?”

Then, upon further review and some internet detective work I realized my first reaction should have been, “Who gives a fuck?”

The thing about life is, no one gets out alive. Why should I give a shit if some two bit reality whore dies? Why do you all care? What the fuck happened to the planet that some piece of shit who prostitutes herself on TV for cash gets sympathy from complete strangers?

Thing is, death is inevitable. Whether it is because you ski your ass into a tree or die because you are genetically prone to abnormal cells or simply because your ass lives TOO long, you will die. So will I. So will the next person you talk to. There is nothing tragic about death. The real tragedy is that people glorify pieces of shit like Jade Goody who is famous simply because she was on a TV show about being a fame whore. Seriously, this type of attention given to a private citizen would warrant legal intervention for stalking.

Fuck her, fuck her miserable existence and the people who glorified it.

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