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At one time, I was completely against Facebook. Against it for the sole reason that I figured anyone I really wanted to be in contact with from my past had as much access as I was willing to give them. Thing is, since I have gotten involved, I have been in contact with some people who I found I really missed. Technology isn’t always something to avoid I suppose. Hopefully the two stalkers in my past will avoid the urge to contact me.

3 thoughts on “about face”

  1. I, too, resisted Facebook for quite some time. Then I found that there were several people from the past that I enjoyed catching up with. The nicest thing I found about Facebook is that we keep in touch now without having to really keep in touch. Even when we’re not directly messaging each other, you see what they’re up to through status updates and photos.

    I also agree with Rachel. I love being able to block people. I have my own little cyber-stalker, who has tried to contact me through every means possible online, my blog, facebook, twitter, etc. There is something fun about blocking him every time he thinks he finally found a way to make me be friends with him. I guess I’m kind of sadistic like that.

  2. It’s definitely not something to avoid! I mean, you can get what you want out of Facebook and ignore the rest. I’ve enjoyed reconnecting with some people from my past.
    However, I know TWO people who have recently reconnected with someone on Facebook and are now leaving their husbands for that someone.

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