Inherently Different

lies, sex & videotape

I have often read news articles and blog posts from women wondering why it is so hard to convince others that they have been raped or why so many laws have been instituted to prevent rape charges from being levied privately. THIS could very well be a good example why there is such laws in place.

I have often been accused of being a misogynist. Someone who hates women or girls. Most of the time it is because I belittle chick lit or rip on a woman who wants to do a job such as police officer or fireman, but refuses to actually pass the same tests. I get bent out of shape when women shout for equality as they claim they are every bit as capable of doing the same jobs as men, but expect the rules to be changed in order for that to happen. That isn’t equality and the women who do that kind of shit are a special kind of stupid.

The rules are different for women. The rules will always be different for women so long as women expect equality on their terms. If women are equal, they should be expected to perform the same tests as men for the same positions.

2 thoughts on “lies, sex & videotape”

  1. Unfortunately, women like Gonzalez prevent many legitmate claims from being taken seriously. She’s clearly a piece of shit to do this to another person. Even if he does get his freedom, I”m sure his 4 years of hell in prison have made him extremely jaded with women….he may even take revenge on the next woman that crosses his path…hopefully not.

  2. Oh wow… that poor man!
    As for the jobs… I agree with you that if a woman wants to be a police officer or a firefighter or any job that requires she pass certain tests, those tests should be the same for her as they are for the men. If they are expected to do the same work they should pass the same test. Assuming, of course, that those tests are there because the skills being tested are required for the job not to keep women out.

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