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pride & prejudice & zombies

prideAlways a sucker for a good zombie story, I’ve been reading Pride & Prejudice & Zombies lately. After reading this, and considering my stance on chick lit, I have come to realize that I can actually stomach chick lit IF it has a healthy dose of zombies.

Since I have read Pride and Prejudice before (in college), and I found it incredibly boring, I can only assume the only reason why it is palatable now is because the Bennet sisters have become zombie killing machines whose sole purpose in life, aside from finding a handsome, effete English gentlemen to wed, is killing zombies in great numbers.

I understand that there is a whole series of these “classic” literature pieces getting the monster treatment. There is also a Sense & Sensibility & Seamonsters addition to the canon.

I think if more women writers would just understand that they could double the readership of their slack jawed romantic musings simply by adding a carnivorous beast hellbent on killing and maiming the main characters, all chick lit would actually be much worthier of attention.

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  1. Zombies are awesome. While I would love to explain it and convert you, either you get it or you don’t. It is a sociological test that must be passed to be accepted into the fraternity of cool. If you don’t understand it, you can never get in. Sorry.

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