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mastering the art of french cooking

The Red Queen and I caught Julie & Julia tonight at the local theater. Being a fan of cooking and Julia Child, I was happy to see it even if it is a movie based on Chick Lit. Meryl Streep is awesome as is to be expected and Stanley Tucci is perfect in the role of Paul, Julia’s supportive and loving husband. The movie is based on a book which was based on a blog written by a woman who cooked all 500+ recipes in Julia Child’s seminal French cook book.

While the movie was entertaining, you could have easily stripped out the rather bland part about the girl writing a blog without losing a bit of the value. Meryl could have easily carried a bio pic specifically about Julia Child, which would have been infinitely more entertaining. I like Amy Adams and all, but she was rather boring in her role and didn’t really contribute any entertainment value whatsoever.

Meh… I have decided the only chick lit worth reading is cook books.

3 thoughts on “mastering the art of french cooking”

  1. I saw the previews for that movie and thought it looked kind of interesting. I’m not a fan of cooking though… only eating.

  2. I love the cooking and the eating. Not so much a fan of the cleaning up.

    I thought this movie looked like it might be okay, for Meryl Streep if nothing else. I’ll have to check it out when it comes to DVD.

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