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funny for fun’s sake

A couple of days ago, I was talking to a friend of mine about one of my favorite topics, me. It seems that while this blog shares insight into who I am and what I believe, it does little to dispell the rumor that I was raised by wolves and ate my siblings upon exiting the womb. I’ve always been a proponent of making up what you don’t know as fact but apparently some believe this is rather careless.

I always tell the truth on this blog, but that doesn’t mean I don’t embelish if it improves the story. Afterall, a blog isn’t just a depository of the mundane happenings one encounters in their life. Instead, it is the mundane happenings one encounters in their life as viewed through an marketing research filter. We embelish, we reimagine, we circumvent plausible deniability, all in an effort to make the story more entertaining.

That said, if I am embelishing something, you’ll know simply because it is funny. Now embelishing something doesn’t mean it isn’t true, just that I tweaked the delivery in order to make it funnier than it actually was, because oftentimes, the things that happen to me aren’t all that funny. I just see them that way and choose to focus on the laughter because doing otherwise would make me rather depressing to be around.

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