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criminal justice

I often wonder about the US criminal justice system. The idea that proven criminals can actually evade justice through a system that is supposed to protect its citizens from criminals is confusing to say the least. It kills me that people can commit a crime, have the evidence stacked against them, and still have the option to plead not guilty.

Take the Jaycee Lee Dugard case. The man and woman responsible were able to plead not guilty despite their admission that they kidnapped this girl 18 years ago. The justice system failed her then, and it continues to fail her now. The main suspect was actually questioned years ago and the police officers didn’t investigate properly, which allowed the suspect to continue to hold this girl against her will. Now, by allowing these pieces of excrement to plead not guilty, regardless of their reasoning, it is proving that to get any real legal protection, you have to be a criminal.

Personally, I think anyone convicted of a violent crime or ANY crime against children should be immediately executed. No jury. No trial. No problem.

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