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season’s greetings

I love this time of year. Aside from two of my favorite holidays occurring in this stretch of days before december, football season starts. This year, aside from my home town San Diego Chargers once again picked to win it all by various sports pundits, my nephew Brandon is playing High School Football. I’m looking forward to a great season from all my favorite players.

2 thoughts on “season’s greetings”

  1. I LOVE sports. My favorite thing to do on any given Friday night is to hang out at a local high school game and eat hot dogs and cheer for the 17 year olds.

    Since we don’t have pro football here in backwater Oregon.

    Favorite teams are a big deal though and I do have favorite pro players. I have a tendency to cheer for their teams as they move around.

  2. Well, I’m happy for you that you are now entering a time of year that you love. I can imagine it would be pretty fun cheering on your little nephew. I bet he’s pretty good, huh? I have a nephew who apparently kicks ass in soccer… I so wish I could watch him play.

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