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two bit tibet

Ever see the whole “FREE TIBET” thing going on? A number of celebrities and entertainers have stood up for the cause over the last dozen years or so, but it is doubtful they actually understand what they are standing up for. See, like most people who put passion before understanding, these celebrities, like Richard Gere and The Beastie Boys, lend their name to a cause of which they have very little understanding.

There is a lot wrong with the world. Many of the things that are wrong with it have less to do with “evil” and more to do with a lack of understanding, or worse, passion without knowledge. People get worked up about ideas that seem, on the surface at least, to be based on peace and enlightenment. In most cases though, every one has an agenda and oftentimes they blur reality or obfuscate facts in order to promote their agenda.

Any relatively intelligent person will always “follow the money,” in order to get at the root of any problem. The whole “free tibet” movement is one of the greatest marketing gimmicks ever presented to the world. I can understand people wanting to find peaceful resolutions to problems… we all want to be safe and free from persecution in our path toward happiness, but to promote the idea that Tibet somehow deserves to be protected or restored is just plain simple-minded, and unfortunately, myopic in scope.

The Tibet that the Chinese government took over in 1959 is not the peaceful, idealistic and friendly land that most die-hard “free tibet” types want you to call to mind when you sign these petitions and strap on your marching shoes for…

If you want to have the Chinese government open a dialog with the “people” of Tibet, eliminate any and all involvement by the Dalai Lama and the Buddhist sects from those talks. To include these people will assure only the continuation of a myth that has been force fed to countless thousands of “enlightened” Americans for decades. The old Tibetan rulers, including the Dalai Lama, were nothing more than powerful overlords who denigrated, abused, manipulated, enslaved, and abducted the people of Tibet for hundreds of years. Of course they want to be returned to power… they have lost billions since the 1959 crackdown on corruption, strife, slavery, and rape that the Dalai Lama and his cohorts had enjoyed for hundreds of years.

I for one refuse to help the Dalai Lama regain power. I have this thing against enslaving a population who doesn’t know any better.

To read a little more about the history of Tibet, here is a great article

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  1. Free Tibet? Wow, I’ve never noticed anyone getting riled up about Tibet. Seriously. What planet do I live on? The Beastie Boys even?

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